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“Thank you again Julia for making today so special, you were an absolute pleasure to work with in designing our ceremony and Lottie really got the welcome that she deserves, with lots of beautiful keepsakes. So glad the sun shone for us in the end! “
“Beautiful ceremony – on our gorgeous grand daughters special day – thank you Julia for such a lovely meaningful and personal ceremony”


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you from Archie, Alex and myself for yesterday. We had such a lovely day and it truly was the perfect celebration and just what we wanted for our special little boy!

None of our guests yesterday had ever been to a naming ceremony before. Lots of them didn’t even know it was a thing; but so many commented  on what a lovely ceremony it was and how personal and thoughtful it was, and how much they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Really can’t thank you enough for all your help with putting the ceremony together and delivering it so beautifully! And a very big thanks for answering the many questions I’ve thrown your way! 

Have just had a look through the box you left with my mum yesterday and it’s so perfect and a really lovely memory to be able to keep and show Archie when he’s older so he knows what a special day we had for him! I know you came over and said you had left it yesterday, but i think I was so overwhelmed with emotion and being asked for pictures that I almost forgot, so it was a lovely surprise to sit and look through this morning now it’s all calm and just me and Archie at home!!

Will hopefully be in contact at some point in the future to invite you back again to help us celebrate again when the Paul family extends again!

Thank you so much

Rachel, Alex and Archie x”


If, like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the birth or adoption of your child but have decided against a christening, a naming ceremony is becoming an increasingly popular alternative. It is a happy, hopeful ceremony in which your child is the focus of attention for all those present. A naming ceremony is purely symbolic and does not have any legal status however when well written and delivered it is a deeply moving event that celebrates the child and unites family and friends in love.

white baby at a naming ceremony in the arms of a black man

Working with you I will create a unique ceremony to celebrate the arrival and naming of your child. It’s entirely up to you how you would like the ceremony to be organised. I will offer as much guidance and inspiration as you need, and I will lead the ceremony on the day.

I am happy to write, or suggest, vows and promises to be made and can offer guidance on music, poems or readings.There is complete freedom to choose the content which feels right to you – whether of a religious, non-religious or spiritual nature. It will be a unique ceremony created especially for you and your family circumstances.

Naming Ceremony Possibilities:

You may choose to:

  • include words about the importance and responsibility of parenting
  • make a declaration of your love and commitment to your child
  • share your hopes for their future.
  • read poetry or a favourite reading or I will read it for you
  • have a piece of entrance music or reflective music
  • include a prayer
  • share the significance of the name or names you have chosen
  • nominate “supporting adults” or “mentors” who may be friends or family
  • invite “supporting adults” to make a spoken pledge and commitment to be there for your child as they grow up and throughout their life in whatever way is needed
  • involve grandparents in the ceremony
  • include all those gathered in some special way

Your ceremony can be held anywhere you wish, in your home, in a garden, in a hotel, village hall or any other venue you choose.

I offer parents and supporting adults the opportunity to sign a commemorative record on the day and this will be given to you along with a presentation copy of the ceremony.

A typical naming ceremony might look like this:

  • introductions and welcomes
  • reading or poem
  • information about the child
  • words about the importance and responsibility of parenting
  • parental promises
  • reading or poem
  • introduction to the supporting adults
  • supporting adults promises
  • commitment of wider family – grandparents
  • reasons for the choice of name
  • the naming itself
  • concluding words

but remember it is your day – anything is possible!

You may want to consider;

lighting of candles, wish books, wish trees, tree planting, dove or butterfly releases, rose petal blessing and of course a cake!

It would be a privilege to be part of your day please contact me for a no fee, no obligation initial conversation.

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Changing one’s name can be one of the most meaningful steps for a transgender or gender nonconforming person in expressing and validating who they are.

A naming or renaming ceremony acknowledges how significant such a personal milestone can be and allows you to share and celebrate this occasion in a meaningful way, surrounded by those you love.

Together we can create a ceremony that is dignified, powerful and deeply moving.

It would be a privilege to deliver your ceremony, please contact me for a no obligation, no fee informal conversation.